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Bekka is a photographer and textile artist living in Brooklyn.

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"Despite its many material advantages, plastic is a notoriously difficult material to repair, and as such , many of the plastic items in our lives end up in the landfill if they become damaged. German designer Cordula Kehrer has developed an alternative, where damaged plastic bins and buckets, that would have otherwise ended up in the trash, are repaired using traditional weaving techniques."
Specialty Basket made by Baba Tree weaver -Perpetual "Pepe" Adagaam
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Meerjungfrau - Ahoi!  Für den nächsten Meerjungfrauen-Geburtstag ist diese Idee perfekt. Vielen Dank für die Inspiration!  Dein  #kindergeburtstag #balloonas #meerjungfrau #mermaid #motto #mottoparty
Larissa Nowicki, 'Dedication weaving - for Padma', 2013
Fantastic Coral Reef Sculptures Made out of Household Objects
Skulpturen, 2012, Angelika Arendt
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