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At Anatometal, our mission is to manufacture the best in body jewelry. All our products are 100% made in the USA. Est. 1991 - we are a Wholesale only company.

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Box, Lucien Falize (French, Paris 1839–1897 Paris), Maker: Alexis Falize (French, 1811–1898), Date: ca. 1875, Culture: French, Paris
Anglesite, Galena - Morocco
Living Room Furniture Decor | New Living Room Designs | Designing A Living Room Space 20190328
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My Crowd by Paulina Cassidy
@katezeising ~ pinterest
Gilt bronze and champleve enamel casket with his key surmounted by two pigeons on vines branches. The lid and box are engraved on their entire surface with champleve enameled arabesques...
Jean Paul Gaultier : les filles de la marine
luxegxld:  +
The Lady of Shalott, 1888, John William Waterhouse
Antique Vintage toilet casket- Date: 1700–15 Culture: French Medium: Wood veneered with marquetry of tortoiseshell and brass, rosewood; gilt bronze, steel