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Y a pas que Liz Taylor à avoir des beaux yeux...les miens sont de vraies améthystes! Je suis bien plus belle qu'elle! Tous les chats me tournent autour! Mais moi, j' m' enfiche!!!
On a trouvé les photos d'écureuils les plus drôles de l'univers !
Live Reindeer Moss 6 tiny bundles or 3 larger
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On a trouvé les photos d'écureuils les plus drôles de l'univers !
Have you seen by beach pusheen tutorial yet? If not, its on my youtube go check it out! I made this a while back but for some reason I never posted it on here. Hope everyone had a great long weekend or has a happy first day at school!
Adorable dress Reposh. Just purchased this and it came beautifully wrapped (probably one of the best wrappings I’ve ever seen 😍) but the only bad thing is—it has some women’s hair and dog hair on it. I’ve dealt with sensitivities to many dog and cat breeds so I chose to just stick it right back in the packaging and resell this beautiful dress. Tag says Dry Clean Only so I didn’t have the option of washing. This dress needs a new home. Let me know if that’s you!😉 A'Reve Dresses
Kitty Area Budget Friendly Spruce Up
This Cat Has Seen Some Sh**
Cute Cat Throw Pillow Cover
Baby Has Seen Some Things
Kiki's Delivery Service Jiji Planter
Location saisonnière Fréjus - Pour vos vacances à Fréjus- Saint-Raphael, un charmant deux pièces, tout le nécessaire pour un séjour agréable est à votre disposition. ..... A 150 m (2 minutes) à pieds de la plage !
Cat training has often been considered an elusive goal by pet owners who’ve been conditioned to view cats as “untrainable.” Yet many cat owners have found an enjoyable way to train and interact with their pets through the process of clicker training for cats. So what is cat clicker training? Cat clicker training is an …
This cat, who has now seen some things:
Woven Wall Art 'Briar Rose'  Fibre Art / by WallflowerWeavings
The Future Is Here And Her Name Is Princess Monster Truck
Those big eyes! I think this dog has seen some scary stuff! He looks pretty shocked!
This cat has seen some things...
How to walk your cat? Ever seen a cat out walking on a leash? Most people who have seen one react with astonishment that a cat would be domesticated enough to willingly allow itself to be tethered to a leash and guided around by -- of all things! -- a human companion. But it can and does happen. After all why should dogs have all the fun? Everyone knows cats like the outdoors too. Shouldnt they get the opportunity to explore the great outdoors along with the rest of us? Shouldnt they be allowed to maintain their youthful figures with some regular exercise? Learning how to walk a cat may seem impossible but with proper supervision patience and consistency you too can train your cat to walk on a leash. DOES AGE MATTER? Once a cat has reached the age when she has been fully vaccinated it is safe for her to go on walks outside. Remember that this is not so much to protect other animals from what she might be carrying but to protect her from what they might be carrying. It is best to start as early as possible before your cat has developed a fear of the outdoors or a fear of unusual noises. Older cats are often more reluctant to go outside on a leash -- or to be on a leash at all. SELECTING THE PROPER HARNESS Because cats are so agile a simple collar around the neck is not enough to hold them while walking outside -- they can easily pull out of the neck collar even a well fitted one (and you do not want to make the collar so tight that there is a potential of cutting off air flow). Instead use a good-quality harness that has been designed especially for cats. #meowformation
Cute Cat Throw Pillow Cover
Cute Cat Throw Pillow Cover
Cute Cat Throw Pillow Cover