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The room was spinning, falling, and becoming more distorted with every step; but they couldn't be separated again. It wasn't an option.
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"The thing is that you never left, just a ghost that won't give me peace. I grew fond of it that when I saw you here now, I still love you. When the universe keeps on pushing us back here, will you say you still do?" [Excerpt from What Norra Never Said]
Please, take care and give me really good tips on how we will do it. I miss you so much.
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supernatural gabriel quotes // WOWOWOWO THANKS, THANKS SO MUCH;
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It was dark as Cilla and Tristan neared Allsell. Cilla vaguely remembered it as a small, if thriving, market town, one that smelled in equal parts of fresh bread and shit. But behind that there was still the familiar scent of southern Ealdor, one of hawthorn and rain. Tristan said something, but Cilla couldn't hear him over the roar in her head, a thousand voices saying one word; home.
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"Do you have everything?" Malachi muttered under his breath. "Relax," Roman grinned. "I have it all under control." Enoch rolled his eyes."That's what we were afraid of."
YES!!! Of course Dean is Batman and Cas as Superman!!! Yay!!! Sam would make a great Wonder Woman with all that hair haha
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Education costs money.  But then so does ignorance. –Sir Claus Moser #modelcitizenmagazine #modelcitizenapp #modelcitizenmedia #fashionmagazine #magazinecover #fashioneditorial #fashionphotoshoot #fashionprofile #allfashion
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I love you Rome
On the way to Fontaine-de-Vaucluse.  Incredible beauty. Reminds me of Georgetown's Key Bridge, WDC where I live.
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Summing up Dean Winchester: protective, loyal, brave, stubborn, damaged, charming.
[Lore] Could anyone help me decipher what's on Ceallach's coat of arms? #TheWitcher3 #PS4 #WILDHUNT #PS4share #games #gaming #TheWitcher #TheWitcher3WildHunt
Te cool
Cas:NOBODY KILLS MY DEAN!!!!! *Attacks Cain*