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Arabelle Vinyl Tile Sticker Pack in Black - Tile Decals - Floor Stickers

Arabelle Vinyl Tile Sticker Pack in Bla

Arabelle Vinyl Tile Sticker Pack in Black - Tile Decals - Floor Stickers

QUADROSTYLE offers you a new way to renovate your floors without hiring a tradesman. Our vinyl floor tile stickers are designed to cover your old floor tiles. Perfect for renters, these landlord friendly floor decals can be removed without damaging the floor. Just peel off the backing and

Earthy yet stylish, taupe bathroom tiles are ideal for upgrading a country home or adding a rustic twist to a modern apartment. Beige makes a comeback, spilling over into the tile world. We're seeing an emphasis of bathrooms and kitchens being covered in rich cashmere-tone tiles, we love it! Using state of the art digital technology we print our designs onto the best quality low-tac adhesive vinyl available. As thick as a playing card, each tile is laminated with a weatherproof film to withstand your homes daily wear and tear. The low-tac, adjustable adhesive backing makes them a breeze to install and will not damage the existing floor or wall, making these a perfect choice if you’re renting. ➕ COLOR: The background is black with a cement tile aged effect, the contrast is white. ➕ PRODUCT DETAILS: ⭐ COMPARE OUR QUALITY Quadrostyle tile & floor stickers are made to 508 ( 20mils ) microns thick, other brands use contact paper which is up to 150 microns thick. Soft & silky underfoot. Quality assured, kid & pet resistant too! 💧WATER RESISTANT Laminated with a weatherproof, anti-scratch & anti-fade film these stickers will resist steam & splashes. Water just runs off this high-grade vinyl stickers making them perfect to use on the bathroom floor, on shower walls, as a backsplash or behind your stove. 😊 EASY TO REMOVE Yes! Renter Friendly these can be removed without damaging the existing surface. No hard to remove gummy residue left over. Clean up with dishwashing detergent & a sponge to remove any trace left behind. 👍 REPOSITIONABLE Unlike other tile stickers, Quadrostyle tile decals are strong & very sticky. Peel them off & reposition them time and again without risk of tearing, stretching or loss of tac. ✂️ EASY TO APPLY No expensive tools required. At 1mm thick our stickers can be cut & trimmed using a box cutter, razor blade or scissors. Smooth out the stickers using a soft cloth, a ruler, a plastic store card or a squeegee. 💦 EASY TO CLEAN Thanks to the laminated surface stains wipe away effortlessly! Use a mild detergent suitable for vinyl and clean with a damp mop. Plain tiles show up dirt quickly - Choose one of our bold patterns to disguise it. 🌑 OPAQUE MATTE FINISH Our stickers are designed to cover up everything below, 100% coverage. 👌 NON-TOXIC No VOCs. Safe for use in home, office, and school. ➕ CHOOSE FROM OUR SIZES: GOT A TILED FLOOR? Choose tile squares designed to cover old floor tiles. Order a 12” sample in full scale or choose a pack. ▪︎ Tile squares 20cm / 8” ▪︎ Tile squares 30cm / 12” ▪︎ Tile squares 33cm / 13” 😕 Need a different size? We customize our designs to your existing tiles. Square, rectangular, triangular even hexagonal. GOT A SMOOTH FLOOR? Designed to cover UNTILED floors like vinyl, linoleum, wood or concrete flooring. Floor Panels: Sold individually these join up seamlessly at the printed grout lines. Fewer joins = more durability! ▪︎ Floor panel 30 x 120cm / 12” x 48” ▪︎ Floor Panel 60 x 120cm / 24” x 48” 😕 Need a different size? Contact us with your measurements. Please note the inspiration images may not be an actual representation of the size. Please refer to our measurements. ➕ PRINT & CUT QUALITY: Quadrostyle stickers are designed to replicate real cement tiles. Weathered, chipped & worn these encaustic designs are loved all over the world, especially by the Mediterranean sea. Our mission is to reflect the worn, aged beauty of these and thus any blurred or faded effects detected in our stickers is there intentionally and not to be considered a defect. Our stickers are created using a wide format professional digital printer by Epson. She is serviced monthly to ensure each order is made to the highest standards. Each order is cut manually using a guillotine to ensure perfect, straight edges. ➕ GABRIELLE’S INSTALLATION TIPS: For detailed information visit our HOW TO page - copy & paste this link into your browser https://quadrostyle.com/collections/how-to 💡 APPLICATION: Apply to a clean, smooth and waterproof surface. Scroll the images for more details. 🔳 PEEL - STICK - SMOOTH: ▪︎ Tiled floors tip - Peel off the backing, position and smooth into place using a clean, soft cloth. Ensure all 4 sides of the sticker adhere to the tile. ⚠️ WATCH OUT FOR: To ensure your stickers don’t peel up don’t overlap the stickers, don’t let the sticker edges touch the grout, don’t try to grout the stickers and don’t try to cover rounded edges. We recommend allowing 2mm on all sides of the tile to ensure the best adhesion. Reposition the sticker as many times as you need, it won’t lose its stickiness. ▪︎ Smooth floors: We recommend 2 people to install floor panels. One person positions the panel & smooths it into place while the other slowly pulls away from the backing. ⏰ LEAVE FOR 24HRS: Leave the new surface to cure 24 hours before returning to normal activity. After this period return fixtures or furniture to the regular position with care. Do not wash or moisten the stickers until 24 hours have passed. 🥽 APPLY FELT PADS: Apply felt pads to furniture feet, stepladders or appliances that may gouge the floor stickers. 👷‍ DURING RENOVATIONS: Take extra care if moving whitegoods onto your floor as these will certainly tear up the laminate. We highly recommend leaving the application of tile stickers last in any renovation. ➕ CALCULATE MY ORDER: Copy and paste this link to use our calculator https://quadrostyle.com/pages/calculate-my-order or contact us with your surface details & measurements - we’ll get back to you super-fast with all you need to place an order. ➕ CUSTOM ORDERS: Don't see exactly what you're looking for? We offer solid colors too. Request our color card or send us your swatches. Our graphic design team can just about create anything you'd like to see on your tile stickers. Write to us to learn more - we love to help you realize a new DIY project. ➕ LARGE ORDERS: Any order over $750.00 is considered a large order. Contact us with your project as you may be able to apply for a discount. ➕ TRADE ORDERS: We offer reduced rates for trade accounts. Copy & paste this link into your browser https://quadrostyle.com/pages/trade ➕ SAMPLES: YES, we offer samples on all designs. Click here to order samples https://www.etsy.com/listing/251989609/tile-decals-tiles-for-kitchenbathroom Our Floor Tile Sticker collection has samples within the size menu. Please use this method to order floor tile stickers. Tile sticker samples are the same as wallpaper samples, so please use the link above for wallpaper samples. ➕ COLOR MATCHING: We try very hard to achieve as close a result as that you see on your screen, however, please note that each monitor resolution can vary, so we ask you to understand the subtle variations. ➕ OH NO! I HAVEN'T ORDERED ENOUGH: Please note that each purchase is made to order. New orders may have subtle color differences as each order is considered a batch. Therefore, ordering extra units may not match up to your first order. Please be sure to measure & calculate your needs so you order enough for your project, allow 5% extra for pattern matching, adjustment, room for error or future mishaps. ➕ WANT MORE? Head over to http://www.quadrostyle.com to shop the entire collection, see how Quadrostyle looks in other people’s homes, get inspired and read our useful blog articles and watch how it’s done with videos installations ➕ DON’T MISS OUT! Never miss a sale. Subscribe to the Quadrostyle club to get advanced notice of our sales, one-off deals & other cool stuff. Copy and paste this link into your browser bit.ly/subscribequadrostyle

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